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At Origins, we understand that education should harmonize with life's natural rhythms.

Continuous, evolving, and interconnected.

Unlike traditional linear learning models, our curriculum

is designed to align with the innate cyclical flow of nature.

This means that ANY time is the perfect time to start..

even if the school year has already begun.

Discover a New World of Learning

Winner of the international ‘Greening Education Solutions Provider’ award!

In recognition of its exceptional contribution towards providing innovative eco-conscious education solutions that inspire and equip schools and educators to foster environmental awareness and sustainability.

An Emergent Living Learning System

Forget the old model of sitting subject after subject

in a lifeless memorization marathon.

At Origins, we've pioneered a multidisciplinary living learning system

that breathes life into education. Our approach is dynamic, engaging,

and deeply connected to the world around us.

Journey Through Global Biomes

Embark on a virtual expedition across the planet with us.

Origins is an immersive global education, exploring diverse biomes and cultures through a multifaceted curriculum that blends all the academic subjects with eco-literacy and mindfulness, empowering students with critical thinking skills and a deep sense of identity and purpose.

A Holistic Educational Tapestry

Our multidisciplinary methodology integrates

reading, writing, culture, society, mathematics, science, fine arts, movement, outdoor exploration, and more. We weave eco-literacy and mindfulness throughout, ensuring a well-rounded, meaningful educational experience.

Cultivating Tomorrow's Changemakers

Connect, Understand, and Innovate

By fostering a deep connection to the global ecosystem,

we empower students to develop critical-thinking skills crucial for addressing real-world challenges like climate change. Our curriculum nurtures emotional intelligence, fostering self-awareness and empathy, and equipping students with the confidence to explore their identity, meaning, and purpose.

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The Origins Family Testimonials

“Our son fully absorbed the eco-literacy concepts that were presented to him through Origins Curriculum. He would often point out to us important positive eco behaviors he had learned and remind us that we need to take care of our planet.“

Fiona Wyborn, Australia

“The curriculum that Origins has is so unbelievable! They go over things like the alphabet and numbers and things of that nature, but the bigger better thing that Origins does, is to teach the symbiotic relationship that the kids have between themselves, the Earth and the environment—and that’s big because it teaches the kids responsibility.”

Eric Bowie, USA

"We have been particularly impressed with the mindful practices and the connection to nature while with Origins. During stressful moments at home or with other kids, our son is able to ground himself by taking deep breaths. When we are outside he can describe key concepts like 'photosynthesis' and demonstrates his love for nature by caring for chickens, bugs, and plants. Origins is the right balance of nature, learning, and emotional connection."

Elizabeth M, Missoula MT

"The program is AMAZING! Honestly, my daughter is enjoying school for the first time ever! She looks forward to getting started every morning and works through the evening and on weekends! This is unprecedented for this child! Truly~ I am so Thankful we found you! We have absolutely no suggested improvements so far. The curriculum is easy to understand and is all encompassing subject matter. Brilliant!"

Jo-Anne B. Ontario, CA

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